Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to School Pictures

Kindergarten Open House

Waiting for the Bus (Talia actually tried to get on while I was taking pictures!)

Talia's first day of Preschool too!

New haircut - long bangs and layers

Christmas List 2009

The Bair side of the family sent out Christmas Exchange names yesterday, so we thought we'd do the same for the Lambourne's. The kids helped pull names out of a bowl and it seemed to be great until I compared to last year's list -- half the people had the exact same names!! What are the odds? Anyway, we re-pulled all the names and came up with this list:

Jenna --> Erika
Kaylee --> Jordan (Baby Sweet)
Nathan --> Garrett
Lisette --> Brooks
Talia --> Gavin (Baby Lambourne)

Caitlin --> Lisette
Lizzie --> Jenna
Abigail --> Ashley

Erika --> Kaylee
Ashley --> Abigail
Brooks --> Lynnea

Lynnea --> Lizzie
Jordan (Baby Sweet) --> Caitlin

Garrett --> Nathan
Gavin (Baby Lambourne) --> Talia

For the brothers & sisters, I believe we are four down this year:

Leticia --> Tiffany
Crystal --> William
Rodney --> Leticia
Cosette --> Crystal
Tiffany --> Rodney
William --> Cosette

Let me know if any of this is wrong or needs to be changed. Also, any opinions on amounts this year? Mom is coming out in November, so you Virginians might be able to get her to bring out gift to Oregon (if she has room).