Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Vote

Okay - I want to bring something back to the table. When we started blogging Carrie asked if we wanted it to be private. At first I did, but now I'm thinking it might be nice to let some of my friends view my posts. What does everyone think about making the blog public?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lynnea's 1st Birthday

As you all know - Adam and I are the parents of a 1 year old now. Lynnea had a great birthday. We started it off by taking her to Kiddie Kandids for pictures. They did an amazing job. Check out the pictures as Click on the Shop Online at MyStudio link and enter the Sitting #623003052 and Sitting Code BA5W3C. You should see a link for my favorites.

After the pictures we had a few babies from church over for a party. Lynnea loved to chocolate cake!!!

This morning we took Lynnea for her 1 year check-up with the doctor. Height: 30.5 inches (90%); Weight 20.2 lbs (35%); and Head 18.25 inches (80%). Doctor said she's going to be taller than me.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Ok - I promised I'd post some pictures, so here they are. I guess Lynnea wears those PJs a lot! Tuesday will be her 1st birthday - I can't believe it's already been a year!!

Lynnea's latest adventures: She cannot walk yet, but she cruises the furniture. She absolutely loves climbing, which of course scares me to death! She climbs in AND out of her walker, all the way up the stairs, into her stroller, and even into the dishwasher. Basically this girl wants to be as high up as she can be. Even if the only thing close by to climb on is a pair of daddy's shoes, she'll stand on top of those. Her first word is "uh-oh". It's the only one she says in correct context - when she drops (or throws) something. She's starting to say "no" now too, but I don't think she's saying it against Adam and I. She just likes to say it. She waves, and sometimes says hi and bye (if you're lucky). And she's got 7 teeth now. Lynnea LOVES her dolls and stuffed animals. She crawls around with them, sleeps with them, cuddles them, and even holds and rocks them. She's already like a little momma.

We are also looking forward to Adam's 29th birthday coming up pretty soon. He wants this:

The Bowflex® SelectTech® 552 Dumbbells.
But he's probably gonna get this:

The Perfect Pushup things. HUGE price difference!!! I can put this up here because he never checks the blog! Hehe...

Oh, I also found this amazing website - which I am in love with now. Great for kid stuff. Check it out!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lambourne Going-ons

Here's some recent happenings at our house:

A benefit of Rod's accident is that finally, I know how to use tools other than a drill! I've asked him before to teach me to use his power tools, but finally, with the need to finish my garden, he HAD to teach me! Awesome! This is me cutting wood for my garden (I'll post a picture of the finished product in a week or two, when it's finished). Rod coached me through it, and after using the circular saw a few more times, I feel pretty confident with it (although our deal is that I never use it unless he's home, just in case I accidently cut off my arm or something)....

I admit it, I love this cat. Rocky's personality is too-cool, king-of-the-house, yet he feels the need to follow me around and watches me all day, a lot like a dog, actually. He even comes when he's called!
Cali is an okay cat. She's Rod's favorite, so I guess I'll let her stay. She's a little needy for my taste. But she also means a lot to Rocky, so I tolerate her. She comes when she's called, too, and often takes naps with Caitlin- which Caitlin LOVES. She's a great cat for kids. They groom each other all the time, (meaning Rocky and Cali, not Caitlin and Cali) and sometimes cuddle during their cat naps:

So Rod goes to Scouts on Wednesday nights and me and the girls party at home. The girls found my gym bag and were fascinated by my cap and goggles. I can't tell you how many times we put these on Caitlin, then Lizzie, then me, then Caitlin, then, Lizzie, then me, then Caitlin....

I do have a really cute picture of the girls in their "cat" pj's I made for them, but this one with Lizzie's expression is so much better!
Caitlin and Lizzie are becoming great playmates! Caitlin has been acknowledging that she "loves Lizzie" and that they're sisters. She even occasionally plays up the role of big sister, complete with arm-around-the-shoulder hugs. I think Lizzie really likes it! I just noticed, that blue cup looks huge in this picture!

Hope all is well with everyone!