Friday, January 30, 2009

Just an update...I'm STILL pregnant! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm think my brain cells are breaking down and I'm going a little crazy about it! My midwife came over yesterday, and I'm 3 cm dilated, 65% effaced, and the baby is soooooo low and in position. What the heck is she waiting for?? We'll keep you all posted!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Swans & Curls

I took this picture at the place I went with Rod's family in Vegas. Our wedding cake topper (which got broken beyond repair, repurchased, and broken again) had two swans on it, because swans mate for life, so of course I had to post this picture.

So everyone wanted to have their hair curly for church last week ... Yes, it took a long time, but church isn't until 2 pm nowadays so we just made it. (Of course, it was one of the few weeks I had straightened my hair!) And no, Nathan did not get curls, but of course he wanted pictures too!

Pictures from visiting with Rod & Carrie

I got to hang out & have fun with Rod & Carrie and their cute girls when Scott & I went to the CES convention in Las Vegas this month. Here's a couple of cute pictures ...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here are the shelves Rod built in the closet of our "blue room". They give me a TON of more storage space and we were able to get rid of an entire table, thus freeing up some serious floor space! He did these in one night, trying to get as much done before his surgery. (my cardboard boxes are temporary!)

Notice my sweet sewing set-up! The table goes up or down and I can even lock it! I really like that feature. Mom's sewing stuff is WAY too exciting to these little girls...

At Lizzie's music class this week, I made it a little birthday party for her. She was very excited to have a birthday party and music class in one!! This is her opening some little presents.

This is all the kiddos decorating their angel food cake with whipped cream, grapes, and sprinkers.

Here's Rod recovering from surgery with Jasper, one of our bunnies (who I'm suspicious is really a Janice). Rod's surgery was last Monday and went great (except for him barfing lots afterwards, he had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, which he's never had before). His recovery has been definately his best yet. I was hoping he'd need a whole week to recover and get a break from work and the stress there, but he went back to work on Wednesday for a few hours, then Thursday for a few more, then full throttle on Friday. Can't a guy take a break? His cast is now off, but his stitches won't come out for another week and a half.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Pictures...Finally!

Hi Everyone! Here are pictures from Christmas here in VA. Due to the way the blog uploads pictures and me not wanting to rearrange them all, the pictures are in backwards order. We all had a really great time. We met up at mom's around 3:00 and opened gifts. Then everyone played with their new toys while we were setting up for dinner. After dinner we had a little program in the music room. We listened to Christmas carols and sang songs and Erika, Ashley, and even David performed a song on the piano! It was a lot of fun. Dad also had us go around and tell what gift we could give to Heavenly Father this year. There were a lot of good ideas like praying more, going to the temple, thinking of others more, and taking time to enjoy your family and blessings.

After all the gifts, everyone went on a bikeride. Lynnea and Brooks laughed the whole time!

Dowdy's - this was a lucky shot...5 seconds later Brooks was trying to escape, Cosette was struggling to hold him still, and Ashley had melted into the couch.

Sarah, Will and Garrett

Christmas day - Lynnea and Brooks always have a blast playing together and copying each other. They were putting on quite a show through the kitchen window. Perfect photo-op!

This is a baby doll and bottle from Lynnea's Grandma Sweet. She absolutely loves this gift and asks for her baby everywhere she goes!

Lynnea LOVED our holiday decorations. Her best friends for the season were Santa, "Nu-cacker," and "no-man." After decorating the Christmas tree she brought in all her friends one by one to look at the lights.

Christmas morning 2 - this one is just so cute too!!!

Starting from the left you have Crystal's, then Ashley's, Erika's, Brooks', and Lynnea's

About a week before Christmas we got together to make gingerbread houses.

Crystal danced and danced in these pj's. This was just the tail end of it!

Lynnea opening her baby doll - you can hear the excitement in her voice once she realizes it's a baby. It's soft so listen closely, but it's so cute!

Lynnea had a blast playing with the peanuts - it was pretty funny!