Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our chicken coop!

The nesting box is blocked off for now, when the chickens are old enough to lay, we'll finish that part (and by 'we' I mean Rod...)

All the metal was leftovers from Rod's work..the roof, the window screen stuff, and the square wire at the bottom. The wood used for the walls is wood they use to pack the metal in that gets shipped to Noorda. So it was cheap!! (or "cheep" as the chickens would say....okay, let's all groan together on that one, sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Jordan's Birthday

Jordan is 1 now! I can hardly believe it! He had a great birthday though, and definitely enjoyed his birthday cake. At his dr's appointment he weighed 22.8 lbs but he feels a lot heavier than that to me. We haven't heard any definite words yet, but he likes to wave, play peek-a-boo, and blow kisses. He can stand himself up, and walk around with one of those baby walkers. Jordan is a total boy! He is so much more active than I ever remember Lynnea being.

Here are some pictures from his b-day party at Grandma's house.

one of his new forward-facing carseats....looks comfy, huh?

Jordan & Uncle David

Playing on the train

Look at those curls!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer Biking Highlights

Hey guys, I though I'd post a few pics of biking highlights from this summer. I was able to sneak a ride into every trip this summer, Northstar, CA. Downieville, CA. and Gooseberry Mesa,Ut. and my local stomping grounds of Bootleg Canyon. All biking meccas! Summer rocked!!

Heading back to the town of Downieville after a 1-1/2 hour down hill run, that's one single trail that was down the entire time with drops and rock gardens. You're up on your feet on the pedals the whole time, it's like doing squats for 1-1/2 hours straight. Yea, it was an awesome ride! There was an amazingly beautiful river of the side of the trail at Downieville, just don't look down too long or you'll end up in it. I'm sure the water would feel great, but bouncing down the 50 foot drop from the trail wouldn't.

Carrie riding the teeter-totter at Bootleg Canyon. The thing sits about 5 feet up in the air and you have to ride up it and balance at the top then wait for it to drop down... and hopefully not get bounced off when it hits the ground. Most the guys I take out there won't even try this. Yea, she rocks!

Carrie and I at Gooseberry Mesa on Labor Day weekend.

Carrie climbing at Goosebery Mesa, she did awesome!

Gooseberry Mesa
Getting a little air at a camping ground in Tahoe.
Riding the lifts at Northstar for another run.

Ladder ramp at Northstar, getting ready to drop off the end.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Look at your man. Now look at this. Now back to your man. Now back to this. See this deck that my man built with his own bare hands? ...and several powertools and access to an awesome metal shop that ran the roof panels...
Rod got a new drill set out of this! His old one somehow wasn't good enough to do the job... But I think he did a great job! These pics I took aren't the greatest, but you get the idea. Notice the sandbox in the center, 3 panels come out so kiddos can play in it.

(If you're not laughing at the intro to this post, check out these videos, and then you'll get it!: )

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grandma and Ashley got to spend the day together at Busch Gardens yesterday. Cosette took Erika and two of her friends and they went on the big rides. Ashley and I had fun in Sesame Street, where the rides were just enough for us. The roller coaster in Sesame Street was great. It was fast and you went up and then d-o-w-n... and round and round. It was perfect. Just enough for me and Ashley loved it. We went on it over and over - then we took the skyride over to Dragon Land, a play place for kids with some small rides and we went on the merry-go-round. We saw the pet show and came back later to see it again at Ashley's request. We stopped in the avairy and Ashley had three parrots on her at once, then when another one landed on her head I realized I really need a camera - I wish I could have captured that moment. We went in Dark Castle. Ashley closed her eyes most of the time, but wanted to go again; so, after dinner when we met up with Cosette, Erika & friends, we all went to Dark Castle together. We ended with another couple of rides on the roller coaster in Sesame Street. It rained off and on throughout the day and we did get wet, but we had a great time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

tHe FoUrTh

We hung out in our front yard and watched fireworks our next door neighbors were setting off. They have four older boys, so I'm sure the 4th is a favorite holiday over there. We also enjoyed a delicious homemade apple pie my friend Sarah brought over. It was low-key, relaxing, and fun! The girls enjoyed doing sparklers, pop-it's, and confetti thingys. Here's some pics Rod took:

We have no idea where she learned this. Certainly none of her big sisters does this.

check out those black feet! This is just from walking around the front yard!

Rod experimenting with shutter speed (see his ghost legs??)

too cute!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Trip to Taiwan

Some of my friends said I should post pictures & updates while on my trip. I'll post today's update here, but I don't want to take up too much space on the blog. For those interested, here's a link to our family blog where I'll put daily posts (or try to, anyway. :-) Hopefully I'll have some fun pictures tomorrow.

Day 1: LONG plane ride -- watched 4 movies, read 1 book, and
pseudo-slept for several hours.

Most memorable moment: getting rice porridge with shrimp & tuna on top and a green egg for breakfast on the plane. I do regret not taking a picture for my squeamish daughter to see though.

Biggest adventure: The ride to the hotel -- I have to say our driver seemed quite cautious compared to most people on the road; we only had 2-3 near misses. People seem to view the lines between the lanes as mere guidelines, if that. There were often 5 cars across on a 4-lane road. They just weave around wherever there's the *tiniest* space, as if they were walking through a crowd instead of barreling down the road at incredible speeds!

Thankfully we survived the journey intact and made it safely to our hotel, where we promptly fell into a nice, firm bed. Or was it a concrete slab with a sheet over the top? Not sure, but we were so tired it didn't really matter ... until morning when everything hurt. First item of business today: find something a little softer for our weary old bones.

Nate's Baptism

I never posted pictures from Nathan's baptism on the blog. I was going to do that now since I actually have some free time with little else to do. (I said I would help with setup for the tradeshow today, but most of the work I can help with is done now. I might leave and go shopping but enjoying some free time to play on the computer.) Anyway, I posted 30 pictures on my facebook page and decided I don't want to put 30 pictures up on here. Here's a few from the actual baptism itself. Otherwise, you can see all the pictures from the weekend on my facebook album.!/album.php?aid=2044174&id=1026468782

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So Rod took some great pics at my sister's wedding, but what he didn't tell you was he was also awesome in a thrown-together quartet him and my other bro-in-laws did at the dinner the night before the wedding. They practiced together for about an hour before doing this- they were a hit! They introduced themselves as "Sons of Georgia". For some reason my sister's having trouble emailing me the video, so here's the link to the blog that it's on:

Check it out!

(You'll have to go to the bottom of the blog and stop the music that automatically comes on before clicking on the video so you can hear the guys)

(from left to right in video: Clark, Kate's fiance and now husband, Brett, Emily's husband, Rod, then Troy, my oldest sister Brooke's husband)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Great Website for FREE Pics

Hi everyone! I am so super excited about this website my coworker showed me. You can order one FREE photo book per month. We're talking 100% don't even have to pay for shipping!! Wednesday night I made my first book and its already been processed and shipped. I'm hoping to get it tomorrow.

Check it out..

They offer the books for free because the advertisers pay for it. In the middle of the book is one removeable page of ads. (You can choose to order without the ads for $3.99) I was surprised how many options were available...lots of page layout designs, background choices, colors, etc.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Update

Hi everyone! Firstly, I'd like to congratulate Jordan on getting his first tooth!!! Jordan cut his bottom right tooth on May little man is growing up! Lynnea wanted to see it so bad all day she kept trying to force his mouth open to see - you can imagine how much Jordan liked that.

Here's some pics of the family from last week at the zoo.

This spring we have a baby bunny that visits our backyard and Lynnea wants to catch him so badly. We put out celery for him and wait. Her plan is to catch him and make him pretty like a girl...meaning she wants to put bows in his hair. Saturday morning, she even wanted me to put her hair up pretty so she could show him when he came. Too funny!!! I'll let ya'll know if she catches it !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Happy Birthday NATHAN, ROD, GARRETT, and MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post pictures of your birthday person!!!!! Rod's mine, so here he is.....

Rod is fun, funny, crazy talented, hard working, and my bestest friend. He never toots his own horn (even when I tell him he should), is thoughtful and considerate, always rinses dishes, and is an amazing dad to his girls.
He loves to eat plain parmesan cheese, is an Excel spreadsheet master, and never, ever burns his marshmallows when making s'mores.
I love you!!!
Happy Birthday Rod!!!
Why do YOU think Rod is awesome???

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

visit from Erika & Cosette!

Firepower! Rod and I went biking at Bootleg Canyon here in Vegas this past weekend. It was a fun date!...Although Rod had to do a lot of waiting for me...

Abby at Red Rock.

Me on a teeter totter at Bootleg. Rod made me do it.

When we were at Red Rock with Cosette, their was someone tightroping across! I guess it's a new sport...seems a little crazy if you ask me!
Red Rock was a stop on our list of things to do with Cosette & Erika. Here's me & Abby at Red Rock.

This is NOT snot! It's gluey stuff from the project Lani sent out for the girls! But doesn't it look great?

The girls really enjoyed doing their project from Grandma! Thanks Lani!

Cosette sleeping with Abby! Aren't those baby feet ADORABLE???

One of two water intake towers at the Hoover Dam. I like this picture Rod took.

Savers (an awesome thrift store) may have been the weekend high! I found these great clip on earrings there, and Lizzie lived it up!

Outfits the girls LOVE from Grandma! Don't be fooled by Lizzie's face, she's our somber child and usually looks like this in pictures! She wanted to wear hers to bed tonight....

Erika at Red Rock

Erika and the Lizinator. Rod and I decided we need to have an 11 year old next. Erika was so helpful and sweet to the girls!

We went to this thing called Pet-apalooza. We saw the band Barenaked Ladies perform, a cool dog tricks show, and lots of different dogs and pets (one person had a pygmy goat on a leash!).

Cousins at Hoover Dam!

Cosette at Petapalooza

Inspired by a group of old oriental ladies, Cosette showed them up! This is her tai-chi at Red rock!