Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brave Lisette

So we had our first broken bone last night. I sent the kids up to bed and then Lisette came down crying ... she had jumped off the bed and hurt her arm. It was bent where it really shouldn't be so we rushed off to the ER. She was an extremely brave little princess ... today she is resting, watching movies, and eating lots of ice cream. She wanted me to post pictures of her being so brave.

Just got to the ER with a sad little girl.

No, sadly that bend is not her elbow.

The drugs have finally kicked in ... when the nurse came in and asked how she was doing, she answered "Oh, I'm great!".

Back home at last - the bones are reset and we're just waiting for the swelling to go down so she can get a hard cast on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

March ...

Scott really enjoyed his birthday cake this year (much to the children's chagrin)!

Talia liked the cake too!
Nathan & Kaylee spearheaded this year's leprechaun trap, but alas ... no leprechauns.
Scott's sister, Jodee, & her family came up for Spring Break. Everyone had a great time together!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Some happenings....

So Caitlin's birthday party was a few weeks ago. This being a "small party" year, I didn't do invitations or favor bags, Caitlin just picked 3 friends to come over and I took them all out to ice cream. Caitlin made her own favor bags, complete with rocks, twigs, grass, pictures cut from magazines and one piece of candy each. She worked quite a bit on them, and gave them to her friends. And her friends loved them!

Caitlin is getting into mixing and matching in her dressing...

What would a post be without a picture of Abigail? She's 9 weeks old already!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

a bathtub full of toddlers

The new bathroom is a hit among the youngest grandchildren. The bathtub is low and they can climb in and out. With potty training the bathroom holds a second fascination for Brooks & Lynnea. Garrett is walking holding on and doing his best to keep up with his cousins. And here's a couple of cute pictures of Garrett with the hard hat and such a cute smile.

Jenna's Project

Jenna's school project -- a setting from a book she read, all made with clay. (I know, it's not the greatest picture angle and all, but it was late! I'll get a better one when it comes back home. If you click on the picture, you can see it bigger and see the detail better.)

Cannon Beach

For my birthday, Scott & I went to Cannon Beach for a quick weekend trip. It was wonderful to have nothing scheduled and to just walk on the beach & look in the shops for hours. One of our favorite adventures was exploring the tidepools, caves, & waterfalls that are only accessible at extremely low tide! The large rock above is Haystack Rock - we were able to walk all the way out to it; usually all of this completely covered with water.