Wednesday, August 19, 2009


At the beginning of the summer, Scottt & I took on an extra project to create a website for a friend, who is a painter. He created a video that teaches people all the tips & tricks he uses when painting and wanted to sell it online. Scott designed the layout and I did the coding. We finally completed the website last week.

It has totally interfered with the summer projects we had planned in the yard, but it's done now - yeah! We are going on vacation next week and then starting the fence/garden project on the side yard the next week. Of course, we still have to catch/kill the gopher digging up the backyard vacation or not (and no matter how much Jenna screams that we can't kill it)!

There are still things I'd like to add and a couple of nits to fix, but the website is functional. You can check it at the link below. (And, please, let me know if anything looks wierd or doesn't work - I can always use extra testers!) :-)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kaylee in "Evita"

Evita Flier

Kaylee's Bio in the Program

(What Kaylee actually looked like when they asked
for a headshot for the program!! I had to search
the computer for an older picture that would work.)

Kaylee as Young Eva
(this was her first wig - short & dark brown)

Kaylee as Young Eva
(in her new shorter, blacker & scratchier wig)

Just having fun backstage
(these are props from a different show)

Kaylee as an Orphan
(No wig for this one. So it's put the hair up for a wig, then
take it down, then put it all back up as she changes costumes!)

Kaylee (orphan) singing her solo
You can see other pictures from the show on their Facebook page:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

An August update!

We got Caitlin's stuff for her online charter school this Fall. Whoa. We were a little overwhelmed. Boxes upon boxes of books, science stuff, math stuff, workbooks, blocks, and oh yeah, a computer, monitor, and printer. We have to eventually return most of the stuff at the end of the year, but we had no idea where to put it all or where to set up "school". So out went our washer and dryer into the garage and in went a galvanized-metal tabletop Rod made at work and chairs from craigslist (that I reupholstered). My hubby can do it all!! It looks pretty awesome. There's still some wiring to figure out where to put, and more school-ish things to go up, but you get the picture:
Abby is rolling over all over the place now! She's a ton of sweetness and fun.

These pics crack me up: look at her eyes, as soon as she had one toy, she wanted the other. She only wanted what she didn't have!

We're going camping at Lake Tahoe next week. Then Rod comes back and me and the girls are staying in California for another week to visit with my sister and parents. We're excited for our trip, and also excited because Rod's boss told him to expect to go back to 5 days a week when he gets back! Whoo-oo!