Monday, March 29, 2010

Happenings in Oregon

I like the new look, Carrie! I'm realizing it's been a really long time since I posted any pictures or updates. Life in Oregon has been fun & busy as always. There's no way I have time to update everything tonight, but I'll post a couple pix...

Nathan earned his orange belt in January. I have videos of his first tournament, which was that weekend, but I haven't had time
to figure out how to convert/post HD videos yet.

Working on FINALLY getting poor Nathan's quilt tied -
it's not anything fancy, but he wanted a warmer blanket, so Jenna, Kaylee, and I made this for him LAST Christmas (as in 2008!).
(The exercise ball worked great as an easily portable seat.)

Jenna & Talia on the newly finished quilt - I should have a picture of Nathan with it, but he was off skiing with Scott & Kaylee.

Scott's birthday - Wow, was it ever difficult getting
40 candles on that poor cake!

Cute pix of Lisette

Kaylee's diorama for "Where the Red Fern Grows". Grandma Lani helped her come up with the idea & wanted to see how it turned out. It's mostly made from different types of moss we pulled off trees and the ground. (Moss is ever abundant here in Oregon!) She made the animals with pipe cleaners and the kid with a clothespin.

Kaylee won first place in bars at her last meet, second on floor, third on vault, and third all-around for her age group! It was her very best score yet, unfortunately it was also the first meet we've been to that didn't give medals for individual events. She was pretty bummed about that, but she did get a gold medal for her
all-around score. No more meets until September now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Create your own video slideshow at

For each of our munchkins, I make a slideshow at the end of their first year. We burn it, then watch their show each year as part of their birthday festivities. They love it, and it's so fun to remember them when they were so small. I just finished Abby's. Enjoy.

Also, a completely unrelated sister Kate is getting married! Her and Clark have been dating since last May, and will be getting married in the Oakland Temple May 15. Clark has been a fixture at all the family functions over the past year, so we've all gotten to know him and definately approve! We are so excited for them both!

Also, we're STOKED for Cosette and Erika to come visit us in few weeks!!!

And I spiced up the blog a little. What do you think?