Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer Biking Highlights

Hey guys, I though I'd post a few pics of biking highlights from this summer. I was able to sneak a ride into every trip this summer, Northstar, CA. Downieville, CA. and Gooseberry Mesa,Ut. and my local stomping grounds of Bootleg Canyon. All biking meccas! Summer rocked!!

Heading back to the town of Downieville after a 1-1/2 hour down hill run, that's one single trail that was down the entire time with drops and rock gardens. You're up on your feet on the pedals the whole time, it's like doing squats for 1-1/2 hours straight. Yea, it was an awesome ride! There was an amazingly beautiful river of the side of the trail at Downieville, just don't look down too long or you'll end up in it. I'm sure the water would feel great, but bouncing down the 50 foot drop from the trail wouldn't.

Carrie riding the teeter-totter at Bootleg Canyon. The thing sits about 5 feet up in the air and you have to ride up it and balance at the top then wait for it to drop down... and hopefully not get bounced off when it hits the ground. Most the guys I take out there won't even try this. Yea, she rocks!

Carrie and I at Gooseberry Mesa on Labor Day weekend.

Carrie climbing at Goosebery Mesa, she did awesome!

Gooseberry Mesa
Getting a little air at a camping ground in Tahoe.
Riding the lifts at Northstar for another run.

Ladder ramp at Northstar, getting ready to drop off the end.